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Event Lighting Installations

We can offer a range of lighting installations to suit your budget that will complement your event style. Our service includes planning to installation and pack down. 


We have a variety of festoon, pendant & fairy lighting in store as well as a variety of light globes including Edison filament]. What we do not have in store can source from third party vendors.

Different types of lighting serve different purposes. lighting can roughly be categorised as follows:

  • Practical lighting - light that is concentrated on an area intended for a specific purpose, such as serving at a bar.

  • Accent lighting - primarily decorative, used to highlight features or as an effect in its own right.

  • Ambient lighting - diffuse light used to fill in between the two types above for general illumination and to reduce shadows caused by more directional lights.

Our service begins with understanding your needs. To assist us with providing a quote for you, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with some preliminary information. Please fill out the form on our contact us page and will be get back to you as soon as possible.


Alternatively, just send us an email to                                

Festoon Lighting

Pendants & Shades

Wash Lighting

Fairy Lighting

Quality Equipment 

Festoon Lighting - Our high quality water resistant and connectable festoon lighting cables are available in 50cm or 100cm bulb spacing. The cables come in 20m and 30m lengths and the outer layer is made from durable black rubber.

Bulb Types - We have a large inventory of filament bulbs if your event requires that elegant or rustic look. Our festoon lighting cables can be equipped with S14, A19, ST64 Edison bulbs. We also have low wattage options available including G19 or S14 LED bulbs if your power allocation for lighting is limited. 

Outdoor Support Poles - Our festoon lighting support poles come in 2.8m and 3.25m heights. The poles are constructed from aluminum (painted black). The poles come in two sections for ease of transport. Longest section 1.65m.  

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